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R-1 Religious Workers

Religious Worker must first obtain an R-1 Visa. In order to qualify for an R-1 Religious Worker Visa, the person must be coming to the U.S. temporarily:

  • Solely for the purpose of carrying on the vocation of a minister; or
  • In order to work for an organization, at their request, as a professional in a religious vocation or occupation; or
  • To work for a non-profit religious organization, at the request of the organization, in a religious vocation or occupation.

The person must have, for the 2 years immediately preceding the time of application for admission, been a member of a religious denomination having a bona fide nonprofit, religious organization in the U.S.

The R2 visa is a US temporary visa that authorizes the spouse and unmarried child (below 21 years) of an R1 visa holder to enter into the United States. The R2 status holders can stay in the country as long as the R1 holders remain in legal status. In other words, an individual lose his/her R-2 status once the principal R-1 person loses lawful status.

The R1 visa is a non-immigrant religious work visa issued to the following categories:

  • Members of religious group or community who have an authentic nonprofit, religious institute in the United States.
  • Aliens entering the US to work exclusively as the minister of a religious community or group.
  • The US nonprofit religious organizations that recruit alien religious workers in various religious vocations, including religious instructors, liturgical workers, missionaries, catechists, etc

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